Saturday, December 1, 2012

Make Your Home a Haven....the final week

This past week was the last week in this challenge.  It also happened to be the week I was looking forward to the most because I GOT TO DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS!!!  I love Christmas and while a lot of people get stressed out over presents and cooking and some of the things that run along with this time of year, I try to focus on the feeling and meaning of the season.  I barely remember any of the "stuff" I got as a child, I only remember the love I felt and the family I got to see and spend time with.  And I was always so thankful that God sent his son as a baby to save us.  I'm trying to instill all of this in my kids.  I still get stressed and worry about presents and cooking, but I try and remind myself to step back and enjoy the season and my kids.  

So, back on subject....decorating.  The plan was to do a little each day saving the tree for last....rarely do things work out when I plan, lol.  I didn't get started until Tuesday...I spent all of Monday trying to play catch up on the house since my kids had the prior week off from school.  And you know what they say "trying to clean while kids are home is like trying to shovel snow while it's still falling" true, lol.  After doing some slight acrobatics to get my decorations out of the attic (I'm putting myself in charge of putting them away this year FYI) I had the tree up and lights on before the kiddos got home so they could just get started on hanging ornaments.  So right off the tree was first (good planning Lori).  The kids had a few small decorations to hang in their rooms and I did the rest of the house little by little.  The only place left is the basement, which is my plan for today.

Helping his little sister

He's such a goofball

I even wrapped some gifts y'all!

my tiny village

My grandfather made me this last Christmas, I gussied it up this year

Something else that happened this anniversary.  Me and my hubby have been married 9 years now (it's gone by super fast).  He surprised my Thursday by sending me a dozen roses (cue collective "awww" here).

look how pretty <3

Me and my daughter also went to a simulcast of the Women of Faith Christmas last night and it was a great time!  I'm hoping to be able to actually go to the Women of Faith conference in August....*fingers crossed*.
posed in front of the gorgeous tree

She's my favorite girl :)

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  1. You've done much better than I have with this weeks challenge. Your tree looks beautiful!